Dar Manhal Al Hayat (DMAH) (Source of Life publishing) believes that knowledge leads to independent thinking which can lead to communities opening up to the Gospel. It is through these efforts that DMAH seeks to expand the Kingdom of God. There are several projects to be involved in through Dar Manhal Al Hayat (DMAH) to help resource the Church:

Arabic Picture Bibles – $3,500 for 500 copies
Make available David C. Cook’s illustrated Arabic Picture Bible to thousands of children through our partner churches in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq.

Christian Resources – $12,000/book for 1,000 copies/ea. (minimum print run)
Help publish Christian discipleship resources for families, women, youth, and children addressing day-to-day issues they face in their contexts. Resources will build up the community, giving hope to the vulnerable, and encouraging those who are enduring in difficult situations.

KONOOZ – $3,000 – format editing & uploading
Funds raised for KONOOZ (available on iOS, Android, & Windows) enable translators to publish a wide variety of top-quality Christian Arabic literature in a digital format.

Resources for Children and Youth – $5000 for the development of new resources
Invest in development of new multimedia resources to bring the Word of God to life for 21st century Arab children.

Special Needs Educational Resources – $20,000/book for 1,000 copies/ea. (minimum print run)
Assistance with publishing resources on leadership and management to change attitudes towards special needs education in the Arab World. Resources are published in Arabic to provide guidance for parents, educators, and church members, enabling them to better understand and support children and individuals with learning difficulties.

Where Needed Most
To support the general ministry expenses of Dar Manhal Al Hayat (DMAH) Publishing House.

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