The vulnerable children reached by the Baptist Children and Youth Ministry (BCYM) are unable to contribute to the cost of the camps so outside funding is crucial to them being able to hear about the love of Jesus and the biblical principles that are shared at the camps. Please pray about how you can be involved in making a difference in these young lives through the needs listed here:

Camps – $130 per child; 80 Children per camp
Lebanese-led, these 3-day camps provide an escape for children who generally have few opportunities to play, sing, make crafts, or learn about Jesus’ love for them. Your donation affords Iraqi, Syrian, and vulnerable Lebanese children the experience of a high quality spiritual and recreational camp.

Follow-Up-to-Camp Events – $1,000/event; 40 events each year
Follow-up events are held throughout each year to sustain relationships and reinforce what children learn while attending camps.

Hope Academy – $7,000 per child; 50 Children per year
An investment in the lives of the vulnerable, stateless children from the Home of Hope orphanage, uniquely designed to give them an education and a better chance in life.

Ministry to Home of Hope – $1,000/event; 24 events each year
Working with the most vulnerable, abused, and stateless children who live at the Hope of Hope orphanage.

Spiritual Development Conference for Teens & Young Adults – $16,500 for whole conference
BCYM organizes an annual spiritual development & discipleship conference designed to share basic biblical principles and truths with teens & young adults through teaching, discussion, activities, and relationship building.

Camp Leaders Retreat – $6,635 for whole camp
Your generous donation funds an annual training & refreshment retreat for BCYM’s camp leaders.

Where Needed Most
To support the general ministry expenses of the Baptist Children and Youth Ministries.

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