Help Refugee Children this Giving Tuesday

Partner with us this Thanksgiving as we serve refugee children in Lebanon! Through your gifts, we provide HOPE that comes with the knowledge that God loves them and that they are precious in His sight. Help them experience community and friendship through moments of fellowship and fun at one of our year-round camps. This Thanksgiving you can have a significant impact on the lives of these children and experience the enduring joy of giving, not for the sake of a better conscience but because “freely you have received [God’s love], freely give” and share His love. Read More

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BCYM is also looking for volunteer teams to come take part in our camps and show refugee children the love and joy that is found in Christ.
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Introducing MEBO and our Arab Christian Partners!

Supporting Arab­-led, partner-­driven ministry. Resourcing spiritual, humanitarian, and educational engagement in the Middle East. Since 2001.

MEBO is an equipping agency partnering with the six Lebanese Baptist Society organizations (LSESD) to address issues of Educational and Social crisis in Lebanon, the Middle East, and North Africa.

MEBO works closely with Arab Christian leaders on a multi-track mission to empower the Church in the Arab World. LSESD is a complement of six, locally-led, faith-based ministries including the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, Dar Manhal Al Hayat publishing house, the Beirut Baptist School, SKILD Center (Smart Kids with Individual Learning Differences), Baptist Children and Youth Ministry, and MERATH (Middle East Revive and Thrive).

MEBO is an ECFA Member in good standing.